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In preparation of the PCP call for tender, an Open Market Consultation (OMC) with potential tenderers and end-users will be held to broach the views of the market about our scope.


The purpose of the OMC is to canvass wide stakeholder opinion on the suitability of RELIEF PCP. The OMC will be an essential part of the preparation of the PCP Challenge. With the market consultation, the consortium will get an insight into the market; the state of the art and future developments in order to prepare an adequate procurement with the right and feasible scope.

Open Market Consultation (OMC)

In order to gain this knowledge, companies in the EU will be invited to fill in an online questionnaire on the RELIEF PCP Challenge. The OPC questionnaire will be published on the website next 1st November 2016 and it will be opened until the 31st December 2016.

In addition, 3 OMC Workshops will be held so as to present the PCP Challenge and the PCP process:
  • Paris, France
    1st December

The attendance to these workshops is a great opportunity for the suppliers interested due to:

  • Present the PCP challenge and the common unmet needs identified.
  • Learn about the project and pre-commercial procurement processes.
  • Take part of interesting discussion with relevant participants.
  • Share your doubts and thoughts about the PCP challenge and the tender procedure.


Ask your questions and doubts regarding the RELIEF PCP process and the Open Market Consultation.

We will answer you as soon as possible.

All questions and answers will be published in this section.



This open dialogue has been announced through the OJEU, using the TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) web Portal in English.
Please, find it following the link:

The output of the OMC will give a broad insight into the current state of the art of the RELIEF proposed system. It will allow contributors to give feedback on what technologies should be included in RELIEF, where they see the biggest technical challenges and what more information should be shared in order to make scope of the challenge clearer. The results of the consultations will be fully documented and taken into account in order to detail the tender specifications. Contact us if you need further information regarding the Open Market Consultation.

Workshops invitation RELIEF Factsheet


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under grant agreement no 689476.