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Welcome to the RELIEF first edition newsletter.

The RELIEF project explores innovative ICT solutions to increase the self-management of chronic pain patients. By the use of new technologies, chronic pain patients could empower themselves and improve their quality of life. The project will search for these new solutions by means of preparing and implementing a Pre Commercial Procurement process (PCP).
By executing RELIEF PCP, the project will also demonstrate that public health administrations could innovate and boost the eHealth market by using public procurement processes.

The project is formed by 6 partners from 3 different European countries:

3 Public Health Procurers:
1 Hospitals federation:
1 Research group:
And finally, 1 procurement Company as Coordinator:

The purpose of this newsletter is to inform and disseminate periodically about the key progress of the project as well as to update regarding the main news and events of the sector.
If you represent a public health institution you may be interested in the new PCP tender to be launched within the project. If you are a supplier (ICT technologies, eHealth, etc.) you may submit proposals for RELIEF tender.
RELIEF newsletter will be distributed every 6 months of the project life. The first issue of the newsletter includes a thorough presentation of the project concept and will guide you through the relevant events.
We hope to encourage you to take interest in RELIEF tender process and continue to follow the project developments in the coming months.

BRAVOSOLUTION. Project Coordinator


Newsletter Overview
Objective of the project

The main objective of the project is to create a link of European Health procurers to establish and execute a joint Pre-Commercial Procurement call for tender. In addition, the RELIEF project identifies, through the Pre-Commercial Procurement process, new technologies and services to support chronic pain patients in the management of their pains.

Main progresses

During the first six months of the project several actions have been implemented:

Identification of user’s need at buyer’s group level

The validation of the identification of user’s needs at buyer’s group implies the review and validation of the point of view of all interested parties (direct patients, expert’s clinicians from different pain areas, Heads of purchases and care givers among others) from inside and outside the consortium.
This is aimed to obtain a robust feedback of the needs in the field of chronic pain management from various perspectives. So as to obtain the identification of users, specific questionnaires have been prepared: one questionnaire taking into account the clinician’s side and one questionnaire to tackle the patient’s perspective.
These questionnaires will serve to carry out the interviews with relevant stakeholders.

PCP Template

In parallel, the consortium has been working on the review and preparation of the different documents needed to launch the PCP tender.


At this stage, the main dissemination materials and channels of the project have been prepared:

  • RELIEF webpage and twitter account.
  • RELIEF leaflet and factsheet.
Leaflet     Factsheet
You can find these materials on the RELIEF webpage.

The Open Market consultation is a crucial task of the preparation on the PCP Challenge.

RELIEF project plans to start an open market consultation to get insight into the market. The output of the OMC will give a broad vision into the current state of the art of the RELIEF proposed need. It will allow suppliers to give feedback on what technologies should be included in RELIEF tender, where they see the biggest technical challenges and what more information should be shared in order to make scope of the challenge clearer.

The results of the consultations will be fully documented and taken into account in order to detail the tender specifications.

In addition, the Open Market Consultation will help to inform suppliers about RELIEF content of the challenge and a detailed overview of the tender phases. Furthermore, conditions and assessment process will be covered.

To gain this knowledge all European companies will be invited to fill in an online questionnaire on the RELIEF PCP Challenge. In parallel RELIEF consortium will also organized 3 market consultation workshops in France, Spain and Sweden.

The estimated date for the workshops is November – December 2016.
We keep you informed about publication dates on the website.


The call for RELIEF tender will be opened early next year 2017.
After the closing date, the tender will be executed in three phases: the first phase is a feasibility study of the selected technologies and proposals, which aims to verify the technical, economic and organizational feasibility of each company’s offer.
The most promising ideas will be developed into well-defined prototypes in phase two. The third phase aims to verify and compare the full feature set and performance of different solutions in real-life operational conditions.In the RELIEF project up to two pre-products are to be tested in the real sites of the procurers: Spain, France and Sweden.

Up to 8 companies will participate in Phase 1: Solution Design (budget up to 378,000 EUR, duration 6 months), up to 4 companies in Phase 2: Prototype development (budget up to 661,500 EUR, duration 6 months) and up to 3 companies in Phase 3: Pre-Commercial small-scale product/service development (budget up to 850,500 EUR, duration 1 year).

For more information about PCP process, visit RELIEF website. There you can find more detailed description of the process.


1st Efic Topical Symposium on Acute and Chronic Joint Pain
Place: Dubrovnik, Croatia  /      21-23 September 2016

16th World Congress on Pain
Place: Yokohama, Japan  /      26 – 30 September 2016

Mobile Health in Europe - Changing health and care
Place: Brussels  /      28 September 2016

Second Major eafip event on Innovation Procurement
Place: Athens, Greece  /      18 – 19 October 2016

eHealth Forum 2016
Place: Athens  /      25 – 26 October 2016

Fifth annual conference on innovative public procurement
Place: Berlin, Germany  /      26 October 2016

HIMSS Europe World of Health IT (WoHIT) Conference & Exhibition
Place: Barcelona  /      21-22 November 2016


Do you know how to bridge the gap between ICT and chronic disease care, and empower patients?

Join the dialogue!

Empattics (EMpowering PAtients for a beTTer Information and improvement of the Communication Systems) is pleased to invite ICT, life science and design companies etc., together with clusters, accelerators and industry associations, who have expertise in healthcare and digital health, experience design, patient and user empowerment and involvement, security and interoperability to attend one of the workshops held across Europe in November 2016.

Throughout the one-day Workshops, companies and other market participants will learn about:

—  The latest research regarding the common health challenge and (unmet) chronic disease patient needs in the regions of Galicia and Aragon (Spain), Île-de-France and Central Denmark Region (respectively France and Denmark).

—  The innovative procurement methodology - Pre-Commercial Procurement, that these regions are deploying to involve suppliers early and help them bring their disruptive concepts closer to the market, through providing them with budget and testing sites on competitive basis.

The participants will also have a chance to discuss their questions and network.

Along with that, the interested stakeholders are invited to fill out an online questionnaire to provide their feedback and direct questions about Empattics.
Both the results from the workshops and the online questionnaire will help the Empattics project to add new perspectives on the process and methods chosen, and qualify the analysis, assumptions and materials for the upcoming pre-commercial procurement tender.

The workshops are free of charge but require registration. They will take place in 4 locations:

  • Copenhagen, 9th of November 2016
  • Santiago de Compostela, 15th of November 2016
  • Zaragoza, 18th of November 2016
  • Paris, 23th of November 2016

More information:
      E-mail: info@empattics.eu
      For more information, please, visit the website www.empattics.eu


If you want to find out more about the RELIEF project, please visit our website at http://relief-chronicpain.eu

There you can find, detailed descriptions of the PCP process, work package descriptions and the latest RELIEF news.

On the Media page you can view and download the RELIEF leaflet. Likewise, there is a RELIEF Fact sheet available in English.

The next RELIEF newsletter will be published in the beginning of 2017 to present the latest news on the RELIEF Call for tender and to go over the next steps of the RELIEF project.

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